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Credit Expertise

Retainur is intended for users that collect credit cards in order to take advantage of perks and intro offers such as free flights, hotels, and exclusive deals.

New High Score

Keeping unused credit cards active boosts your credit score by increasing your overall credit limit and average account age. This qualifies you for executive card offers and rewards programs.

Peak Efficiency

Performing charges on many idle cards can be inconvenient for power users, not to mention losing out on rewards points elsewhere.

Churn and Burn

Once you've exhausted a card's intro offer, you're likely moving on to the next one - or should be. This is a practice known as churning.

Target Aquired

Creditors are not on your team. They may close a credit card for any reason, the most common being inactivity.

E for Effortless

When a card is closed, you lose your rewards points and can't reopen it. Retainur keeps your cards active so you don't have to.

Select Your Interval

We recommend 1 month intervals to demonstrate typical activity on an account.



  • Higher Average Account Age
  • Lower Credit Utilization
  • Increased Credit Worthiness
  • Keep Churning
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